Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newport Independent Schools in 'Rewarding Failure' video

Given recent events with Newport Independent Schools I thought it would be worth it to post this video again...

Newport Independent Schools was one of four districts profiled in Rewarding Failure: The rubber- stamping of Kentucky superintendent evaluations.


markwlowry said...

This short video depicts what happens in hapless toothless backwater Kentucky schools all over the state. The state has been controlled by
political elites for over 200 years. Political elites appoint who they want to school jobs as pay offs for electioneering for specific political candidates.

Kentucky its corruption and tax revenue payoffs to political elites for the single
pride of Kentucky, the Kentucky Derby Horse race is the butt of jokes on
late night television in the USA and around the world.

There is no place anyone can go without being the target of stupid jokes about Kentucky and stupid Kentuckians.

We pay almost $10,000 per pupil for their education each year. That is more than the average paid in any other nation of the world. We send our students to school for more days each year, we send them to school for more years,
we have them participate in more stupidity than any other nation of the world and we are the stupidest state in the United States and many of the nations of the World.

Our performance results routinely run less than 30% of the expected standard in the worst political elite systems.

Now the political elite want us to pay more taxes so they can build more schools. "Connected" contractors and political elite cronies are making a killing off one of the poorest states in the USA. What does it take to create an outrage that will stop this madness?

Does every property owner in the state have to loose their homes because they can't pay the taxes to keep this corrupt system of paying off political elites and their corrupt elected officials?

How economically destitute does Kentucky and other states like us have to be before we all go to the state capitols with pitch forks and torches?

Now our governor insists our economy would not succeed without the 250,000 illegal alien foreign mercenaries in our state. They are automatically granted all the benefits of citizens in this corrupt system because state employees are forced to violate federal law. No employee can as the law demands, ask applicants for free benefits if they are qualified or demand proof of their qualification if they appear to be "Hispanic" or can't speak English.

Kentucky's criminal elected officials in violation of the federal immigration law are stealing Kentucky taxpayers blind to provide a steady source of cheap labor for the Horse Industry and the only claim Kentucky has to fame, the Kentucky Derby.

What does your state have to be proud of? Are they as corrupt as Kentucky? Are your citizens as stupid as Kentucky's? Are you as dumb as we are and not complaining about this?

Hell you let them know we the People are coming and we are bring hell with us. That hell is what they and all the crooks they are illegally giving our money to is what they have earned, and with the help of God that hell is what they will get.

Logan said...

Mark -

The lack of accountability in Kentucky's education system is alarming. There is absolutely no excuse for it.

You are dead on with the money we spend per pupil - definitely not getting the bang for our buck.