Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Once again, KY plays favorites with tax incentives

Governor Steve Beshear's office published a press release today to announce $2 million in tax incentives have been granted to the Neogen Corporation in Lexington for expansion. According to the press release this expansion will create 75 new jobs.

We have pointed out time and time again: new jobs are fantastic, especially in this economy BUT if tax incentives are helping do this, the state should extend these "incentives" to ALL business and not just a few, hand-picked businesses.

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Sally_Oh said...

Not only is it unfair, Neogen is a Monsanto clone doing it's evil (as in seriously harmful to the human race) work in bio-engineering and antibiotics for the animals we eat. Boo to Neogen and companies like Alltech ("Nutrition, health, performance" my a__).

GMOs are killing us, literally, and these are the companies that promote the use of these products in the foods we eat.