Friday, June 24, 2011

"We've got to live within our means."

"We've gotta be just like the private sector in government. We must be responsible. We've got to live within our means."

-Jim Gray - Lexington's mayor regarding recent budget discussions

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Hempy said...

The problem with the philosophy that government must live within its means is that government makes no effort to live within its means.

Government has all kinds of tax giveaways, “economic incentives” they are called. Adam Smith called them bounties. Companies seek bounties more than they do in creating products and paying workers a living wage.

For example, how many for-profit businesses get tax exemptions such as local property tax exemptions? They then fail to produce the promised number of jobs at the promised pay levels.

How many religious organizations get similar exemptions for their profit-making businesses, such as rental housing, non-profit businesses and charging admissions for entertainment performances in a worship center?

Yet these business enterprises, profit and non-profit, still receive public services and benefits such as police, fire, EMS, trash pickup and road maintenance, upkeep and repair to name a few.

Government needs to make sure it’s collecting the revenue it needs to pay for the services it provides. That's what living within its means, means.