Monday, July 4, 2011

Caverna Independent’s school board owes an explanation

The latest round of inflation in superintendent evaluations continues with the Caverna Independent School Board providing “high marks” to their superintendent.

According to the Glasgow Daily Times:

“The school board evaluated him (the superintendent) in 10 areas: leadership and district culture, policy and governance, communications/community relations, organizational management, curriculum planning development, instructional leadership, human resource management, value and ethics of leadership, student achievement/learning and labor relations.”

The article says the superintendent got a “good” mark for the student achievement/learning area.


The latest available 11th Grade ACT Composite Score for Caverna is from 2010. It was a dismal 16.1, WAY below the statewide average of 18.5.

With that score, Caverna ranks WAY DOWN at 164 out of the 169 school districts in Kentucky that have high schools.

Now, how is that again about “good” student achievement/learning?

This board must be looking at something, but it clearly isn’t whether Caverna is getting its students ready for college and careers.

By the way, Caverna pays its superintendent $107,188.00 according to the latest, 2010-2011 data from the Kentucky Department of Education. That ranks 108 out of the 171 districts in the state that had salary reports in the department’s Excel file. However, tiny Caverna only enrolled 761 students in that school year. That should be well below what I calculate to be the state average of around 3,700 students per district.

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