Monday, July 25, 2011

Cheating on Kentucky’s state tests getting more risky

In the aftermath of the huge cheating scandal in Atlanta’s public schools – where educators, not students, stepped over the line – the Kentucky Department of Education is getting very proactive to preclude similar problems on Kentucky’s new assessments. Those new assessments go into use in the spring of this coming school term.

According to a Kentucky School Boards Association news release, the state is going to have the contractor for the new assessments employ forensic detection systems to spot cheating. There will also be a test security audit to find out if there are any loopholes in the testing program. Other actions will also be taken, including continued required briefing of staff about inappropriate conduct.

By the way, forensic detection already may have played a part in confirming the ACT college entrance test cheating scandal in the Perry County Public School District. School staff members involved in that improper activity are still under investigation. Perhaps we will see action concerning those individuals soon.

So, as we approach the start of a new school year, any Kentucky teachers and school leaders who might be contemplating inappropriate actions to boost test scores would be wise to take on a new-school-year’s resolution: Don’t!

Your career and reputation isn’t worth it.

Your students deserve better examples.

And, the odds are going up that you will get caught!

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