Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daily News reports on Medicaid study, Beshear's claims that managed-care deals are near

The Bowling Green Daily News reported on the Bluegrass Institute's recently released study warning that Kentucky's Medicaid program is facing a crisis and needs reform.

The study, authored by University of Kentucky economics professor John Garen, offers both an evaluation of the impact that Medicaid's explosive growth has had on the nation and on Kentucky, as well as offering ideas for improving the program so it better serves low-income and disabled Kentuckians.

The Daily News story also included a statement from Gov. Steve Beshear, who said on Friday - the beginning of the state's new fiscal year and the date the state said new managed care contracts would be signed -- that details were being finalized by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Beshear said an announcement would be made both concerning managed care contracts and on his administration's efforts to balance the Medicaid budget sometime this week.

In his report, Garen, Ph.D., suggests that managed care could be more effective by doing what other states have allowed, or are proposing to allow: letting consumers choose among managed care providers.

Read my latest weekly Bluegrass Beacon column, which calls attention to how Medicaid in its current state, is failing to provide for those whom it was created to serve.

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