Friday, July 29, 2011

Teachers denounce teachers’ union march on DC

Don’t think all of our teachers buy the positions of the National Education Association and its various state affiliates. That includes buying into the pending union-sponsored “Save our Schools” march on Washington, DC tomorrow. The march is mostly to fuss about funding for our schools with a few jabs at attempts to create some real standards and accountability for teachers thrown in, as well.

Actually, growing numbers of our nation’s more thoughtful teachers don’t buy in to the NEA and its ultra liberal, status quo slanted messages. Those professionally oriented teachers have now formed an alternative group called the Association of American Educators (AAE).

This refreshingly honest and candid teachers’ voice says some things about education that I’ll bet you won’t find in many Kentucky newspapers.

For example, regarding the pending Save our Schools march, AAE says:

“With declining membership, unilaterally negative press, and countless brewing legislative and legal battles, union leaders are struggling to win the messaging war. This made-for-media rally is their solution.”

The AAE continues:

“The solution is not an expensive rally to turn back the clock to a time when union-driven policies were not challenged. The solution is for individual teachers to be part of public discourse. We caution teachers not to confuse a union-led publicity stunt with credible teacher voices.”

Boy, is that candid! And, on target!

Read all the comments from the AAE about the NEA’s publicity stunt here.

If our teachers really want to save our schools, they can start by dumping the status quo, 1950’s factory union mentality that too many still cling to instead of risking possible heat stroke in DC just to prove they don’t really want change at all.

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