Wednesday, July 6, 2011

View the SPARSE Knox Co. superintendent evaluation

Knox County Schools has been exemplary in its efforts to fill our open records requests. This week, they maintained that form and filled a request to obtain the most recent superintendent performance evaluation.

You may remember that superintendent Walter Hulett received a PERFECT score this year.

We wanted to see for ourselves what the evaluation looked like and now, you can too.

View the evaluation.

Honestly, it seems odd that the superintendent received a perfect score and that there were not any comments left about his performance. Is this really the type of accountability we want in our education system?

Knox County Public Schools were one of four schools profiled in "Rewarding Failure"


Anonymous said...

In good appraisal processes, the reviews must give examples of outstanding achievements to earn the top rating. The examples must have metrics to show significant progress in some way. I didn't see any examples in any of the areas.

This appraisal would NOT have made it past the first check for credibility in the private sector.

This is our tax money supporting this unacceptable standard for excellence.

Anonymous said...

Kentucky education mission - everyone must get along.

This performance evaluation certainly does that. Any hits on the superintendent could result in others being subjected to scrutiny. Then people might not get along.

Kentucky education strategy - when all else fails lower your standards.

This certainly highlights perfect execution of the strategy.

Logan said...

Anon 4:24 -

That is exactly right. Why does Kentucky's education system fail to hold leaders accountable just as they are in the private sector?

If you fail to perform in the private sector, you're done. Plain and simple.