Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Apple charter schools turn in better performance, again

And, they learned about it in a timely manner, too

WNYC in New York City reports that the charter schools in the Big Apple outperformed regular public schools, once again – mostly in math this time – in the past school term even as the State of New York increased the rigor of its assessment program.

Meanwhile, we have a lot of schools in Louisville where hardly any kids learn much math. Wouldn’t it be great if we could offer parents in Louisville the same school choice options that are now routinely available to similar parents in New York City?

Also, wouldn’t it be great if Kentucky already had its school testing results for 2011?

How come a huge education complex like New York’s already has its assessment results back when a much smaller operation like Kentucky’s is still waiting, maybe for another month or more, to get our school test scores back?

Schools are starting up across Kentucky in the next week or so, but our teachers still don’t know if what they taught last year was effective. Kentucky’s teachers had to shoot blind, or with reliance only on locally funded supplemental testing, to create this year’s education plan while teachers in New York were able to benefit from additional information on performance that their state assessments provide.


Anonymous said...

Read SB1. Help is on the way per test reports to schools.

Richard Innes said...

Once we finally fully implement Senate Bill 1 from the 2009 Regular Legislative Session, which the Bluegrass Institute strongly favored, things will finally improve.

But, we are way behind other states in many education areas.

There is a great deal still to do, and we cannot rest on our laurels and making claims about "all the progress" with so much left undone.

Richard Innes said...

One other point: SB-1 does nothing to bring charter schools to Kentucky.

I'm going to have more to say about that in a day or two, so stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

'SB-1 does nothing to bring charter schools to Kentucky'

It also does not bring real reform in union constraints, rewarding failure by protecting inept educators and administrators, setting accountable goals that are needed for the kids to have a fighting chance against the best, etc.

As long as educators, administrators, legislators, the administration, and PARENTS continue to accept the unacceptable fundamentals of Kentucky's approach to getting results, then kids will continue to be the net losers.

Anonymous said...