Monday, August 29, 2011

Bluegrass Institute releases report on digital learning

The Bluegrass Institute released a report today focusing on roadblocks to increasing digital learning in Kentucky at a press conference at Conner High School in Boone County, Kentucky.

The new report is inspired by Digital Learning Now!, a report from former governors Jeb Bush’s (Florida) and Bob Wise’s (West Virginia) Foundation for Excellence in Education.

The foundation’s report deals with digital learning issues from a nationwide perspective while the new institute report focuses on specifics in Kentucky. The national report was released in December 2010.

In addition to a presentation of the report, the press conference agenda featured comments from Kentucky Associate Commissioner of Education Dewey Hensley concerning his efforts in the Kentucky Department of Education’s Office of District 180 to turn around Kentucky’s lowest performing school systems.

Several digital learning efforts were also discussed including the Barren Academy of Virtual and Expanded Learning and new digital learning efforts in the Conner High School.

The Bluegrass Institute’s “Digital Learning Now!, Obstacles to Implementation in Kentucky” is available on line now to everyone. It should prove important reading for educators, legislators, members of business and industry and the general public who are interested in education in Kentucky.

Stay tuned for more information on the press conference and the new report.

(Updated following actual news conference)

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