Friday, August 5, 2011

High school graduation rates: How does your local school district rank?

The Kentucky Department of Education finally released the high school graduation rate report for the Class of 2010.

However, the data is all lumped together into one, massive Excel spreadsheet. That makes it impossible to easily see how districts perform against each other.

So, we disaggregated the data into a series of tables that show how each district ranks for No Child Left Behind compliant graduation rates.

There are separate tables for all students as well as each major minority group found in Kentucky.

Everything can be found in wiki item:

2011 Kentucky High School Graduation Rates

By the way, the graduation rates reported here use the Federal Government’s Averaged Freshman Graduation Rate calculation. This formula was extensively researched in 2006 and found to be the best available for states like Kentucky that don’t have high quality student tracking data to compute the very best information.

Kentucky won’t see its first set of high quality graduation rate data until 2014, which will tie us for last place in getting such baseline performance data for our schools.

In the future, we plan to run a similar series of tables for individual high schools, so keep tuned.

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