Wednesday, September 21, 2011

McCreary Superintendent evaluation includes student achievement

The most recent performance evaluation of the McCreary County Public Schools superintendent includes a section devoted to "student achievement". This is huge step forward with regards to holding district leadership accountable for poor performance.

In the 2010 evaluation, there is no such mention. You can view the 2011 evaluation here. Both of these evaluations were obtained via the Kentucky Open Records Act. If you look closely on the "Student Achievement & Learning" page, you will notice there is an asterisk with the title. At the bottom of the page you will see that this section of the evaluation was recommended by "education support groups". Yes! yes it was!

Rewarding superintendents while the students in their district suffer through underperformance is an issue that has been plaguing Kentucky for quite sometime. For full analysis of this issue, be sure to check out Rewarding Failure: The rubber-stamping of Kentucky superintendent evaluations.

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