Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Congressional Scorecard

A new scorecard by Heritage Action for America, a Washington, D.C., based conservative action organization, scores congressional members by their votes and bill sponsorships and how aligned their legislative actions were with conservative principles.

You can view the scorecard here to see how Kentucky's delegation voted this past year and to learn how our neighbor states fared.

Heritage Action acknowledges that the "scorecard isn't graded on a curve--it's tough and we don't apologize."

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Hempy said...

Conservative principles are nothing more than the atheistic ideological values of Ayn Rand.

Ayn rejects and biblical values. She rejects the values of being my brother's keeper; she rejects Good Samaritan Care, (the Affordable Care Act) and she supports keeping the moneychangers in charge of the temple, their table still upright and their coins not scattered.

She rejects the principle of Adam Smith's capitalism, that we're to love our neighbor as ourself.