Monday, September 26, 2011

NKAPC and the good ol' boys

The future of the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission may not be on November's ballot. But it's still on Tom Wurtz's mind, who says voters need to hold the culprits responsible in future elections.

Wurtz, a columnist for the Journal News in Northern Kentucky, said the NKAPC thinks its "clever manipulation of the system has silenced taxpayers' voices. But in reality all they have done is awakened a sleeping giant, 'We the People.'"

Despite gathering more than 24,000 signatures (in ONE county) to allow the voters to decide the fate of the fiscally bloated and politically unaccountable NKAPC, the good ol' boy network kicked into high gear and so far has succeeded in keeping the issue off the ballot.

Here's how Wurtz says he will hold the "Northern Kentucky Political Country Club accountable for this travesty of freedom" by asking them several questions. And if they do not answer them to his satisfaction, they will not get his vote.

Read all of the questions here. Here is a clip of a few:

"Did you sign the petition to dissolve the NKAPC? No! You’re fired! When NKAPC’s leaders provided incorrect financial data to the public, did you demand that the NKAPC leaders be fired? No! You’re fired! Did you demand that Kenton County’s Attorney recuse himself from this dispute due to his conflict of interest, since he represents the Kenton County taxPayers and the NKAPC taxTakers? No! You’re fired! Did you propose legislation to change the required number of petition signatures from 25% to a more reasonable level of 5%? No! You’re fired!"

Read more here.

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