Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One major difference between charter schools and regular schools

When educators misbehave in charter schools, they get removed right away

When educators misbehave in public schools, it takes forever, if ever, to remove them

This extract from a longer video about the school testing scandal in Atlanta needs to be highlighted.

When staffers cheat in a charter school, removal is easy.

When staffers cheat in a public school, removal can take forever.

A Kentucky case in point is the ACT cheating scandal that broke in Perry County almost exactly one year ago.

That cheating allegation was confirmed in early December 2010.

It’s almost October 2011. We are still waiting for any action to be taken against any of the school personnel involved. The cheaters are still in the Perry County school system, still teaching students.

If this were a charter school, those cheaters would be gone.

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Anonymous said...

Educators misbehave in public schools? Huh?