Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Starbucks wants to help businesses, not government

Starbucks has been in the political news quite a bit in recent months. CEO Howard Shultz announced he would no longer donate funds to political campaigns until Washington got its act together and urged his fellow CEO's to follow suit. Most recently he announced an initiative to collaborate with a non-profit organization on a project called "Jobs for USA". The project seeks to provide loans to small businesses.

I am not certain of the specifics of this project but there is one admirable aspect - less reliance on the federal government for funding and expanding small business and job growth. The government does not create jobs. The only thing it can do to help create jobs is create a healthy environment for businesses to thrive.


Liberty General said...

No government - at any level - at any time in history ever created a single job. Government cannot give anyone anything it has not first taken from someone else. Remember that the next time some dopey politician comes "home from Washington" to brag about "funding he brought "back home."

Logan said...

That's the truth!