Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ready to stop the merry-go-round?

Relief over sharply falling consumer prices in October may be short-lived as industries continue to demand taxpayer-financed "price stability."

One of many overpriced items is big government. As more cities consider bankruptcy, the calls for a federal government bailout of cities and states get louder.

WHAS interviewed University of Louisville economist Paul Coomes and asked him if the proposed auto industry bailout would make a difference. He said doing so would only delay them from renegotiating union contracts.

Same goes for Kentucky. Before Gov. Steve Beshear goes to Washington D.C. for a federal bailout or to the General Assembly for one from Kentucky taxpayers, we need to renegotiate our union contracts. That means repealing prevailing wage and making Kentucky a right to work state.


David Rasbold said...

It is becoming clearer every day that Kentucky (and many other states, and obviously the auto industry) were just living on borrowed time.

The question is whether or not political leaders will step up the plate and show, well, leadership.

It's time for making tough decisions, but more importantly, the right ones for the longer-term welfare of our state.

I'm not holding my breath...

John Blickenstaff said...

No, working men and women shouldn't pay again for the mistakes of management. It has been paying for their mistakes for the last 30 years and not enjoying any of the successes.

I really hope you try Right to Work for Less again. Easiest mobilization ever.

David Adams said...

Not "any of the successes?"

vanessa salas said...

In america price is very unstable because consumers keep messing up the finances because of the government.