Saturday, November 1, 2008

What does "move the state forward" mean?

As Frankfort moves closer to a showdown on spending and taxes, everyone claims to want to move the state forward.

But it seems we need more in-depth discussions about what that means in order to really make progress. Speaker Jody Richards and House Budget Chairman Harry Moberly, for example, promote higher and higher education spending as the major key to "moving the state forward." Senate President David Williams and Senate Majority Floor Leader Dan Kelly have repeatedly pushed for holding schools more accountable for the funds they receive.

Unfortunately, powerful teachers union officials' political leanings play an unmistakable role in what is the largest piece of the Kentucky budget pie.

The Bluegrass Institute has been a long-time supporter of holding state and local education officials more accountable for the dollars with which they are entrusted. Rather than call special sessions of the legislature to paper over public pension mismanagement or to raise taxes, or hold pretend school assessment study groups, we need to do more to make the most of the resources we already have.

Of course, this would force the powerful teachers union to admit that at least part of their game has run its course. But it has, really, hasn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Moving the state forward means getting government off my back and out of my back pocket.