Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Challenges in marketing to Bailed Out Nation

Just as Walgreens and Ford announced free market solutions for customers facing temporary financial difficulties today, federally controlled General Motors had to come along and spoil the mood.

Walgreens will give unemployed and uninsured customers limited services at no charge in their in-store health clinics. Louisville has eight such clinics. Ford will cover car payments for customers who lose their jobs.

GM is going to follow Ford's lead, but with tax dollars.

It's hardly fair that GM should be able to use federal money to copy Ford's promotion.

And if silly government regulations like certificate of need and federal price-fixing of health services weren't in the way, medical providers like Walgreens could offer more to their customers who are down on their luck because of the economy -- and those who are just victimized by bad government healthcare policies.

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