Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teachers’ Union Leader Dropped from State Board of Education

There have been more than a few eyebrows raised by the Kentucky Senate’s failure (refusal?) to confirm Steve Neal, The executive director of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, as a member of the Kentucky Board of Education. However, maybe that was the legally appropriate thing to do.

There aren’t a large number of restrictions on who can serve as a board member, but one of those, contained in Kentucky Revised Statute 156.040 stipulates that a board member shall:

“Not be directly or indirectly interested in the sale to the Kentucky Board of Education or the Department of Education of books, stationery, or any other property, materials, supplies, equipment, or services for which board or department funds are expended.”

As the executive of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, which represents teachers in discussions about the services they will render for the wages received, it certainly seems like Mr. Neal would have to run afoul of this provision.

Perhaps someone in the Senate agrees.

In any event, the governor isn’t fighting the senate on this development, and a new nominee is promised in the near future. Hopefully, that person won’t pose any problems with statute.

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