Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smoke, drink, and gamble faster, y'all!

Eight months into the state's fiscal year, Kentucky's General Fund revenues are up $408,496 according to State Budget Director Mary Lassiter, suggesting overspending is still at the heart of any "shortfall."

Also, the state's cut on the Lottery is up only $738,409, while alcohol and tobacco taxes are down $6,072,745.

Looks like we raised taxes and raided the Health Fund just in time.

Since Gov. Steve Beshear apparently isn't going to do the "efficiency study" he promised, and the legislature doesn't want to do anything about prevailing wage or MUNIS, perhaps we should focus on smoking, drinking, and losing money on the lottery.


timeforataxrevolt said...

If anyone caught the story in yesterday's Courier-Journal or Cincinnati Enquirer, reports out of Indiana are that the casinos are losing money due to the downturn in the economy. But that won't stop our less that creative, tax and spend leaders in Frankfort from still pushing the idea of legalizing casino gambling with the spin of generating more revenue.

David Adams said...

Great point. Casinos are losing money all over the country. And political promoters always value the social costs at zero, which doesn't make any sense. As long as people can bankrupt themselves gambling and go on the dole, we don't need to be pretending that casinos are a "good" way to expand government.