Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Steve Nunn's "high one"

No one actually likes a domestic violence scandal such as the one that caused Deputy Secretary of Health and Family Services Steve Nunn to resign today, but taxpayers will save some money because Nunn quit his job.

Nunn, a former legislator, was the recipient of a pension sweetener lawmakers worked up for themselves in a Senate substitute to HB 299 in 2005 and allowed to become law without Gov. Ernie Fletcher's signature. HB 299 allows legislators to take higher paying jobs elsewhere in state government and get pension credit for their years in the legislature as if they had been earning the higher salary the whole time.

Ask one-time Attorney General Greg Stumbo how lucrative this little goody is.

Anyway, Nunn didn't last long enough in the Beshear administration to take full advantage of this wasteful pension giveaway.

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