Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kentucky Tea Party

– Great Success for Leland Conway and WLAP Radio!

Congratulations to host Leland Conway and WLAP Radio for a super anti-tax tea party in Lexington on Saturday.

Check it out here.

And, don’t forget to join us for the BIPPS Tea Party on April 18th. Get details at


Anonymous said...

Congratulations WLAP and Leland Conway, job well done!!!!! Looking forward to April 18th at Applebees Park. We WILL be heard, and we WON'T go away !!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Obama, LISTEN UP, we have something to say.
It’s not right that we’re being be forced to pay,
For those who don’t think with a future view,
Biting off more than they can possibly chew.

You and your pals have stolen our wealth.
What little we had, with your evil stealth.
You’ve taken our longed-for retirement years,
And turned them into reason for tears.

Our children will pay forever and a day,
While you leftists steal their hard-earned pay.
You’ll turn it to welfare and socialist schemes,
That weaken America, and kill our dreams.

Your so-called stimulus is just another ruse,
Played on us while you and Leno amuse,
At the expense of special children we care about.
DC needs a cleansing! DC needs a rout!

Government spending does not solve anything.
That’s already been proved by the old left wing,
Who ruined their nations and took them to war,
And grabbed for more power to serve the great whore.

We’re tired of the lies and the incredible deceit.
It is time for free people to turn up the heat,
On gub’ment cheese officials who steal and lie,
And ask good people to fight and die.

This is a warning exercising our free speech.
From here on out it is our mission to teach,
The fat cats in power and the sheeple who sleep,
That our leaders have dug us a hole too deep.

Stop raising taxes and gub’ment programs galore.
You can pay for them yourself. We won’t anymore!
You think we don’t mean business? You better think twice.
When we come here again we might’nt be so nice.

The First Amendment is something we all hold dear.
The Second is something so-called leaders should fear,
If your treason and theft continues to fall,
On the citizens who are forced to pay for it all.

God blessed us with Freedom and blood-bought Liberty.
We live it each day from sea to shining sea.
If you think you can steal it away in the night.
We’re here to tell you, not without a fight!