Friday, March 20, 2009

Cover them with what?!?!

Gov. Steve Beshear is calling next week '"Cover the uninsured week" with Passport Health Plan.'

Passport Health Plan is a Medicaid plan for over 140,000 Kentuckians.

Might we suggest instead "Cover the uninsured with less expensive regulations week?"

Repealing certificate of need regulations would be a much better approach than signing more people up for a government program we already can't afford.


Hempy said...

Sure -- "less expensive regulations." Have you noticed that in college football there are usually seven officials to watch the activities of 22 players to minimize injuries? I suppose you would prefer fewer officials because it would be "less expensive regulation." Never mind that it likely would result on more serious injuries.

But since under your feudalistic economic philosophy, paupers are like pawns and are expendable. Likewise, your attitude for patients in need of health care.

Under your feudalistic economic philosophy, since most are not among the wealthy aristocracy, the many are expendable too.

Never mind that a healthier workforce is a more productive work force. And, under Adam Smith's capitalism (Wealth of Nations), better paid workers are more productive.

I realize that Adam Smith's capitalism flies in the face of your feudalistic economic philosophy, which you try to spin as "capitalism."

It's the private health insurance industry we can't afford. It would be far less expensive to have a government, Medicare-for-all single payor health insurance program.

Such a publicly funded single-payor health insurance would allow American companies to be more competitive on the world market.

But what do you know about competition. You're feudalist, and don't want competition--just like the fossil fuel industries don't want viable competition.

That, by the way, is the main reason hemp is illegal. It offers too much competition to Big Oil because so many products that are now made from oil can be made from hemp. They are of better quality and have no adverse environmental impact.

Jay225 said...

I wonder how Obama is going to execute the Health Care Reform on a $634 billion dollar budget when it is estimated at 1.5-1.7 billion. ...oh wait I do know's coming to me ..TAXPAYERS!! YAY!!
J.C. Lewis

Hempy said...


Money isn't the problem. It's the manner in which it is obtained.

I've advocated implementing Alexander Hamilton's proportional tax on the movement of all moneys. Such a tax would snag banks that launder about $1.5 trillion annually in drug money.

It would also tap the derivatives ($531 trillion) and "swaps" (of AIG fame. I haven't seen a figure on the worth of the swaps).

Just taxing the bank-laundered drug money and the derivatives at 7% would result in in about $37.3 trillion to the treasury. And you're concerned about $1.5 - $1.7 billion? Give me a break! The Treasury would be awash in a surplus.

Alexander Hamilton's proportional tax proposal is found in Federalist Paper 12. It reads:

"The ability of a country to pay taxes must always be proportioned, in a great degree, to the quantity of money in circulation, and to the celerity with which it circulates. Commerce, contributing to both these objects, must of necessity render the payment of taxes easier, and facilitate the requisite supplies to the treasury."