Friday, March 13, 2009

CJ attacks Bluegrass Institute, again

The editors at the Louisville Courier Journal get pretty verbose when they are upset. Friday, they got upset at the Bluegrass Institute to helping discredit the dishonest and thoroughly manipulated Commonwealth Accountability Testing System, which was repealed by the legislature today.

Here is what they said about us:

"It's understandable why the conservative, educationally revanchist Republicans and their right-wing think-tank friends want to discredit Kentucky's public education reform, as part of a long-term strategy to abase the public sector, mollycoddle middle-class striver-parents with outmoded, ineffective nationally normed testing and pave the way toward private school vouchers."

Private school vouchers wouldn't be such a strong idea if education bureaucrats did their jobs instead of focusing on wrapping themselves up in politically powerful fortresses.

Truth is, Frankfort Republicans and The Bluegrass Institute couldn't have done it without the overreaching efforts of the school bureaucracy, their friends at The Prichard Committee, and the editorial board of the Louisville Courier Journal.

Putting something together that better serves students actually won't be that difficult at all.

1 comment:

Richard Innes said...

"Revanchist?" "Abase?"

Who in Kentucky talks like that?

Clearly, as the Courier attacks just about everyone -- teachers, education bureaucrats, Republicans, Democrats, the governor, as well as us in their diatribe, it looks like there is hardly anyone left to side with them.

Their editors really must be from somewhere else!