Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All the news that tweets

Might be a while before the Associated Press picks up on this one.

The changing ways in which we receive news today include the increasingly popular Twitter web site. Well, I just found out someone at the Texas Public Policy Foundation is excited about proposed legislation to increase spending transparency in Texas schools.

I'll report back as soon as I get details about this in the morning. Given Kentucky's disastrous lack of fiscal accountability in our schools and overall lack of government spending transparency, we need to be following this closely.


Bruce Maples said...

Hope they get it done before they secede -- foreign government transparency doesn't help much. :-)

And yes - you're a policy nerd, as am I - but that's okay, because without us policy wonks, politicians wouldn't have anything to talk about but stupid stuff.

Uh oh ...

David Guenthner said...

David -

The amendment requires school districts to post their final adopted budgets online, as well as their general ledger on at least a quarterly basis. Both of these documents are required to be available on the district's website for a minimum of three years. While our ultimate goal is to have the check registers online (ideally in a searchable format like Houston ISD does), this would still be a big step forward if we can keep this amendment in the conference committee.