Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not Really News – Northern Kentucky Urban Kids Not Ready for College

– But, there is some help

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that astonishingly small numbers of students from the inner city “core,” including Covington and Newport, Kentucky, are ready for college.

Only 11 percent of urban “core” kids tested out of remedial requirements at Northern Kentucky’s Gateway Community and Technical College.

The good news for those going to Gateway is that the school does have a solid remedial program. For example, Gateway President Ed Hughes tells me his school actually offers three different levels of remedial math – each starting at a progressively lower level of rigor – in an attempt to recover kids’ futures.

Hughes says that if kids stay with Gateway's remedial program, their success rate in going on to graduate is better than the rate for kids who enter without any remedial need indications.

That shows these kids can be educated – it’s just that the public school system isn’t getting the job done – especially for urban core kids.

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