Thursday, April 30, 2009

Same dance, different day in Frankfort

Gov. Steve Beshear told The Lexington Herald Leader on Thursday that a special legislative session is likely and that "everything will be on the table."

That is, of course, the same thing he said before the 2009 regular session of the General Assembly, in which lawmakers ignored multiple chances to repeal wasteful Davis Bacon requirements for state building projects to save hundreds of millions of dollars. And we have no idea how much school funding we could cut.

While House sources from both parties report a strong likelihood hearings will be held on repealing state income taxes, Senate leadership seems content to sit back and let Gov. Beshear drive. Just like last time.

It's not hard to predict Beshear will ignore most cost-cutting options and propose casinos again as the only way to go. Grass roots pressure for real tax reform rather than just more increases is the wild card this time.

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