Thursday, April 30, 2009

Owensboro Educators Recognize Own Foot

– Won’t shoot at same

Yesterday I put up a post on how a few die-hard CATS fans plan to publish their own, homemade version of a CATS-like rating of our schools. I pointed out that is a bad idea, which continues to aim schools in the wrong direction, and likening it to shooting at one’s own foot.

Fortunately, not all of our educators have myopia. Today the Messenger-Inquirer out of Owensboro reports (subscription) the local school district isn’t taken in by this CATS-by-Stealth-if-not-by-Law scheme. Count school leaders there among those who plan to ignore this dying scream as CATS loses its ninth life.

Say the leaders in Owensboro, “Our focus is to grow our students.” Clearly, the focus isn’t on a dying attempt to legitimize a failed testing system that hampers student growth.

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