Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Courier Journal spins itself round and round

The Louisville Courier Journal's repeated attacks against those who exposed the official manipulation of CATS testing make it a little tough to give them the benefit of the doubt for claiming legislators stopped a tax increase they actually caused.

Might be easier for the CJ to get the facts right if they stuck to them more often.

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Richard Innes said...

You can’t stick to the facts if you don’t even have them.

The Courier’s reporters have been notable by their absence in many education meetings in the past year. I attended all seven Assessment and Accountability Task Force meetings last year, which is one place where lots of the short-comings of CATS were discussed. Not once did I see a Courier reporter.

Courier reporters also routinely miss meetings of the very powerful Education Assessment and Accountability Review Subcommittee. That legislative committee was specifically created to oversee assessment issues. They hear some interesting testimony. But, if you read the Courier, you probably don’t even know this committee exists.

The Courier has some good education reporters, but they can’t cover stories being made in Frankfort by sitting in Louisville.