Sunday, February 21, 2010

Governor launches procrastination tactic ... again

How many times can Governor Beshear go to the wish-and-hope well to avoid dictating cuts in state government?

First, he was going to do an efficiency study. It never happened. Good talk, no walk.

Then Beshear asked state employees for suggestions to cut costs. They responded with suggestions encompassing energy conservation, changes in practices that would reduce costs, reorganization, staffing, double-dipping, training, work hours, state vehicles and everything in between. When you read them, it begs the question: "Where’s management?"

Now the governor is going back to the employees again with the same request.

But just how many times will such public relations procrastination tactics work to avoid the really tough decisions he was elected to make as the state's top executive?

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Anonymous said...

It appears that getting reelected trumps all other considerations. If the Governor would make the tough decisions instead of putting them off like everyone has that has preceded him the state would be better off, the taxpayer would be better off, and the foundation to move forward in a positive manner would be solid.

But he has to satisfy all those special interests that got him elected. Their special interests are not in the best interest of this state.