Saturday, February 20, 2010

What environmentalism is doing to Kentucky’s coal industry

Here are some sobering comments from today’s Restore America of Kentucky rally about how environmentalists from Washington are impacting Kentucky’s major energy industry.


freeourpows said...

What an awesome and powerful statement by Dr. Jeff Fugate and "Joe the Miner", Joey Lewis.

It is high time that Kentuckians stood up and said enough is enough.

We MUST stand up for the Coal Industry and for cheap energy. The lies from the left that "alternative energy" is viable are ridiculous. We all know that is not true and that the radicals in charge won't be happy until we are all living in little condos regulated by big brother to 62 degrees.

Make it viable and cheap and then we can talk. Until then, get off the backs of Kentucky and West Virginia Coal Miners and energy consumers - that's you and me folks!

Anonymous said...

We need our Governor to do what other State are doing. We need to assert out Sovereignty and control our own State. The Federal Government takes too much authority over us and it needs to stop. Let your voice be heard in Frankfort. We want our State's rights back.