Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mayor Newberry: Media gatekeeper?

The saga of the UK housing debacle continues.  On Monday, Lexington mayor Jim Newberry held a forum about the housing situation around the campus.  He invited landlords, city council members, and the student body president to discuss the proposed zoning laws that would restrict the rights of private property owners in Lexington.

The amazing thing: According to a local neighborhood association leader in attendance, Newberry stated that he wanted to be the sole source of contact for the media regarding this issue.

Really? Seems to me that the property owners have more at stake here.  Why would a mayor want to have sole access to the media on an issue that he has been very vocal about...hmm...

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Anonymous said...

Mayor Newberry wants to make sure he can place the right politically correct spin on this issue. He certainly can't have neighborhood folks out there telling the truth for pete's sake. What would people think if property owners actually had a voice in what happens to their property?