Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bashing on buses continues on in Louisville

But, who is doing it?

Fox41 now reports the latest on school bus violence in Louisville is actually a mystery.

Did a school bus driver assault a child, or were the kids acting up?

I like one of the comments that points out much of this would not be happening if the school district wasn’t subjecting kids to unreasonably long bus rides. That common sense observation is apparently beyond comprehension for the Jefferson County education system.

Meanwhile, Jefferson County keeps running up a multi-million dollar price tag for buses, drivers, and diesel to support its unreasonable busing plan while the Herald-Leader fusses about a lack of money for Kentucky’s schools.

If Jefferson County stopped almost literally burning up money, they might have enough to do some pretty credible preparation for the new education standards, which take effect next year.

As things stand, instead of teacher preparation, the Louisville area’s school district is turning money into diesel into carbon dioxide and a lot of other products of combustion that seem to be hindering, rather than helping, educate the city’s children.

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