Friday, March 25, 2011

Hundreds of parents tell Fox41: Bullying continues on Louisville’s school buses

Finally, the real dimensions of the violence and bullying on Jefferson County’s school buses are starting to emerge. Fox41-TV in Louisville reports receiving hundreds of calls from parents of children who have been bullied.

Bruised and swollen faces and broken arms just can’t be part of a high quality educational experience.

Read more details and catch a Fox41 video here.

Clearly, the district’s buses are beyond its control. A district spokeswoman even admits that putting monitors and cameras on buses isn't the answer, admitting they "have a lot of situations where those things haven't worked."

Parents are starting to sue. That will likely drive the taxpayers’ bill for this expensive, child-hostile nonsense to even higher levels.


Anonymous said...

Nothing will be done until something even worse happens. JCPS is not taking the correct steps to solve this issue. This type of thing happened 20 years ago when I was in school (of course it was not as severe back then) but those kids were kicked off the bus immediately and it was up to the parents to make sure their child got to school.

The schools are only interested in the money they receive from the kids attending school. They don't care if the child is bullied, hurt or worse as long as they are at school.

Anonymous said...

until busing stops thee issues will increase. some kid will get killed and JCPS and the board will still say that busing is the answer