Saturday, March 19, 2011

Berman opens up on what went wrong in Louisville

Here’s surprisingly candid commentary on

I wonder if people in Eugene will get to see this.


Hempy said...

Berman's comment essentially can be summed up as: "I really wasn't prepared to take on these challenges that I was fully apprised of, but I didn't want to rock the boat."

Student education didn't seem to be a priority of Berman. I hope Eugene recognizes that.

Anonymous said...

Berman's comments can apply to all education leadership, legislators and the Governor.

None of them are ready to face reality and get into the detail of what needs to be addressed to reform Kentucky's k-12 system.

Listening to lobbyists promoting their agendas for their constituents is certainly an easy out to avoid making tough decisions but it only protects status quo.

Someone needs to stand up and say we cannot waste any more of our precious resources by failing to address the tough issues stymieing achieving excellent results. Scratch existing education leadership, legislators, and the Governor.

We need reform in adult education leadership before we will ever get reform in K-12 results.

When no one is accountable for results with any sense of urgency you get special interests sub-optimizing everything.

No protected jobs, pay for performance, eliminate site-based councils, and real school choice would be four areas that would force all the agendas and alliances to be put on the table immediately.

Let's see the agendas and alliances all at one time in the open - full transparency.