Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coming to a state near you, Kentuckians: More choices for parents, chances for kids

While Congress was busy passing a bill that would restore the torpedoed D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program on Wednesday, a state closer to (my old Kentucky) home was also passing landmark education legislation dealing with school choice and spending.

Indiana's House of Representatives approved a voucher bill allowing students in a family of four with household incomes up to $62,022 to receive a voucher covering from 50 percent to 90 percent of a private school tuition.

Imagine how such an option could shake up, say, a district like Jefferson County, where 60 percent of students are from low-income homes.

No doubt, anti-choice forces would wail about how such a voucher plan would throw government schools into chaos. But have you taken a look at that district's student-assignment plan and busing disaster lately?

It appears chaos arrived long ago. We're still waiting on choice to get here.

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