Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Need School Choice

So says the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Education Organization (CEO).

Unfortunately, adult interests are overriding the best interests of students and parents in the struggle to educate our youth. The CEO also points out:

“Too many of our legislators talk about children and the need for better education, but are more worried about supporting the adult groups who are busy protecting the status quo for their own benefit.”

That is certainly true in Kentucky, which is one of the worst school choice states in the nation, without even one charter school.

Adults in ‘the system’ also attacked a very popular school choice program in Washington, DC after the Obama administration took over. Responding to that pressure, in an action that sent incredibly mixed messages about the new administration’s real support for educational reform, the Congress and the President torpedoed the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program (DCOSP).

Now, it looks like the new Congress is planning to right that wrong. A bill to reinstate the Opportunity Scholarships is working its way into law.

That’s good news for kids in our nation’s capital, but what about kids in Kentucky, many of whom are poorer, and more challenged than the inner city DC children?

When will Kentucky legislators stop deferring to selfish demands from adults who work in the school system and start doing things that make sense for the students who are trying to get an education in that system?

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