Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get this straight Kentucky: Parents ALWAYS lose against teachers in school council votes

In its article, “Reducing band director's position frustrates crowd,” The State Journal (subscription) just provided another great example of the power that teachers – not parents – have in Kentucky’s schools. This story just played out in Franklin County.

At issue: Due to tight funding, what staff positions should be cut at Franklin County High School?

Parents had one point of view; teachers had another.

When the voting time came, parents got squashed.

One of the position reductions was for a science teacher. That’s a great way to increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) qualified graduates! Sadly, the motivation for this choice becomes crystal clear once you consider the specialties of the teachers on the Franklin High school council: an English teacher, a social studies teacher, and an agricultural teacher. No math teachers or hard science teachers to be found!

Another outstanding example of how parents loose out in school council votes occurred in the very upscale Fort Thomas school district back in 2007. In a story now long gone from the web, a showdown between parents and teachers over selection of a new principal at the Johnson Elementary school went solidly against the parents.

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