Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Business vs. Labor

As the battle between business and labor grows more contentious, the threat to the private sector is becoming more severe.

This week, Lexington's conservative radio host and blogger Leland Conway chronicled the recent battle between the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the Seattle-based company, Boeing. While Kentucky is not involved directly in the battle, we are not immune from such overreach by the federal government.

When Boeing decided to expand its new building operation to South Carolina, the NLRB stepped in and "told" a private sector business they were not allowed because South Carolina was a "right to work" state.

Conway writes, "The NRLB’s decision violates nearly every conceivable sense of corporate sovereignty and property rights. If the decision stands, it will mean the end of rule of law for businesses and will cause many corporations to rethink future investments and perhaps even look to other nations from which to operate their companies."

The significance of such a decision will not only hurt the growth of South Carolina's economy, but it will have staggering implications for businesses and states across the country. This instance of the federal government's encroachment on the private sector should cause great unease for all of us.

Conway closes with this chilling reminder: "What if those jobs had been coming to Kentucky? What if this happened to [your] company? It is time for business to stand up against this continuous intrusion. "

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