Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jefferson County’s extreme school busing: It’s BACK! reports that when school starts up again in Jefferson County schools on August 15th, some students will still face excessively long bus rides – over an hour one way – even though all kids there live much closer to a suitable school.

By the close of last year’s school term, those long hours on the bus were turning into the inevitable mayhem, with fights and disruptions a virtual daily occurrence.

Why is the learning curve for the people running this school district so shallow?

Meanwhile, the Courier-Journal is justifiably upset about the school board hiding a busing plan that might have cut down on the excesses. The paper has published two separate related editorials since this story broke on August 3, the first editorial ran on August 6 and the second on August 10.


Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted with JCPS we have our home for sale and plan to move to another county! I had to throw a fit and put my foot down but I got my two youngest in the SAME local elementary school for this year. I was not about to send my 1st grader to 17th and St Catherine...Whats worse is next year I have to make a decision on High School for my oldest daughter. Her Local School Fern Creek is NOT an option. Somehow the Principal there has kept his job despite audits by TWO DIFFERENT state agencies finding he has not followed policy and is an ineffective leader. One agency recommended he be fired things were so bad, yet he still has his job.. Now there is a scandal with the Booster Club Half a million dollars missing and the guys who ran it when all that occurred hold administrative positions in the school? So I started looking at the other high schools in our cluster...there is NO good option! That is why there is a for sale sign in our front yard! It is not too much to ask that A.) your child attend the school that is literally across the street and B.)that it be ran by competent individuals who have not had suspicions about their trustworthiness and abilities slew across the media! Yep another county is looking better all the time!

Richard Innes said...

Dear Anonymous

It is really sad that caring parents are being pushed out of Jefferson County in this way.

For the sake of others like you but who don't have an option to move, I hope some sanity will eventually overtake the current situation.

Anonymous said...

I am just glad I am not the only person who thinks it is a mess! I honestly think common sense has gone out the window in JCPS!