Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tea Party having impact: Official actually talks cutting a tax by 40 percent!!!

Wow! The tussle over the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission (NKAPC) is providing new evidence of Tea Party impact.

The Tea Party and Northern Kentucky building contractors turned in nearly 25,000 signatures yesterday to force a referendum vote on the continued existence of the NKAPC on the November ballot.

Today, Kenton County Judge Executive Steve Arlinghaus actually suggests in a Kentucky Enquirer article that the NKAPC should cut its tax rate by 40 percent to woo voters to keep the commission in existence.

Kenton County Judge-Executive Steve Arlinghaus said he would like NKAPC Council to lower the $32 per $100,000 tax by 40 percent. That might get public opinion on NKAPC’s side. Says Arlinghaus:

“It is the most practical solution to the entire problem. To cut the planning commission off at the knees would be a grave mistake. If the area planning commission, though, is not willing to budge on the tax issue, they’re equally wrong.”

When was the last time you heard a politically elected official call for a 40 percent cut in anything?

Good Job, Tea Party!!

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Sally_Oh said...

That is great news--we rock! I would still vote to end the planning commission. Planning commissions are in existence solely to rob us of our property rights. And next term, they will raise their taxes again. Oh no you don't.