Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poll confirms need for non-union teacher organizations

Hopefully, a press release from the Association of American Educators is going to spur teacher union bosses to make some changes.

The press release points to results from a recent Phi Delta Kappan/Gallup poll that shows:

“…71% of respondents said that they have trust and confidence in America's teachers. However, when asked about the teacher unions, 47% say they believe the unions have hurt education, compared to only 26% believing the unions have helped education.”

Clearly, a lot of Americans are unhappy about current union influence on education. With such a small percentage of the public believing teachers’ unions are helping, as the Phi Delta Kappan/Gallup Report Highlights says:

“Teacher union leaders should thoughtfully consider what actions they could take to improve their public image.”



SEHaase said...

I believe in and support the concept of Union membership, however the when the Unions places more importance on their political agenda, corruption abounds, and the employee suffers. What is needed is legislation to prevent the Unions from political maneuvering. The Union membership need more clout in prosecuting the evil within it's midst.

Richard Innes said...


I agree that there is a place for unions.


When the unions stand in the way of removing the few really poorly performing teachers who need to be pulled from our classrooms, the whole system is undermined.

When they place "adult issues" ahead of the needs of students, the whole system is undermined.

Can you imagine an airline union trying to block removal of pilots who are not performing adequately and safely? It didn't happen when two pilots overflew their destination airport so badly that there were fears of a hijacking.

Why would we want a lesser level of protection for our students?

Personally, I think the teachers' unions can do a better job, and I hope they stand up to the plate to represent professionals like they are professionals, not factory workers.