Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jefferson County busing madness heads back to court

WXIX news reports the Jefferson County school bus plan is headed for another court review to see if it complies with state law.

The Jefferson County school bus system requires some students to take bus rides clear across Louisville – trips that take more than an hour one way – even though schools are located much closer to a child’s residence and parents don’t want their children on the bus for so long.

The busing plan is an outgrowth of 40 years of busing to achieve integration. But, after four decades, if this idea was going to work, don’t you think by now the city would have been naturally integrated as minorities got better educations that enabled them to get better jobs and move to the more affluent and desirable parts of the city?

It will be interesting to see what the court decides.

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Logan said...

Madness is absolutely the correct word. Putting a child on a bus for TWO hours each day is senseless.

When the education professionals across the state begin putting children's education first, then we'll have real change.