Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tennessee provides the right to work

People vote with their feet. We have written before about how 3 times as many people move to Tennessee than Kentucky because of lower tax rates and school choice laws.

Another reason may be that people want to live somewhere they don't have to be forced into joining a labor union. Tennessee is one of 22 states that has Right-to-Work laws which make it illegal to deny employment  based on association with a labor union.

You can view the language of Tennessee's law here. Contact your state legislator, they may be interested in seeing an example.


Hempy said...

“Right to work for less” is just another right wing ruse to take more money from the pockets of working people and give it to the greedy wealthy few who hoard it.

Prevailing wages ensures that workers have more money to spend. Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist Paper 30:

“Money is, with propriety, considered as the vital principle of the body politic; as that which sustains its life and motion, and enables it to perform its most essential functions.” Right to work laws kill this vital principle.

The more money workers have to spend the more prosperous the society. Prevailing wage laws are pro-capitalistic, right to work laws are anti-capitalistic.

That you oppose prevailing wage laws is consistent with your atheistic ideology of Ayn Rand who neither liked biblical principles nor capitalism—particularly as advocated by Adam Smith and Alexander Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

'take more money from the pockets of working people' or 'working men and women' - this makes me throw up. The fact is union members are the vast MINORITY of workers in this country. Many more workers, not union workers put in more time and sweat equity than union members WITHOUT union leader restrictions on work rules, union leader mandates for all kinds of time directed to anything but work, union leader support to grieve anything even if the union member is in the WRONG, etc.

It is so ironic that academic and government employees are so supportive of unions but at the same time complain about the jobs being moved overseas. NEWS FLASH - only academic and government personnel don't have to compete and continuously improve to earn revenue from customers with buying discretion to stay in business. It is no wonder why education and government are the fastest growing and only strongholds for union activism.

If your unions are so great, then why are they afraid to compete for work without government restrictions and interference?

Why do they have to buy and intimidate politicians to try to further their agenda?

Why do unions have to rely on payroll deductions to get their dues instead of collecting them like every other club?

Why are unions afraid to earn their dues from members because of great services and great benefits they provide just like every other organization that EARNS membership.

Right to work is good because individual people have a choice and have the freedom to determine where to spend their discretionary money and to determine whether they get value for dollars spent.

Hempy - go consult for the union hierarchy and see if you can convince them to EARN their money because members want to pay it for value received. See if they will compete for work and their dues because their practices are so much better that they justify increased costs. Otherwise, they are just robbing their membership and taxpayers.

And can this working people crap. It makes good commercials and sound bites for politicians, government employees, and the academic community. However, people that EARN their jobs everyday and that do not live off tax dollars know better.